Spring Fling Writing Contest

Entry for Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez and Ciara O’Neal’s 2022 Spring Fling Writing Contest.

The Challenge: Find a GIF and write a spring-inspired story. The story must be 150 words or less and be appropriate for ages 12 and under.

By Daniella Kaufman
WC: 127

With a PLOP, I drop in the river –
a rock pushed by thawing ice floods.
I tumble and dip.
Keep losing my grip
and stumble on new roots and buds.

With a SWISH, I swoop down the river
and land in a warm, muddy pile.
It’s here that I sink,
settle nicely, and think,
Perhaps I could stay here a while?

With a BLUB, waters scrub at my surface.
Until one day, I’m plucked from my groove.
Stop! My edges might hurt!
But kids brush off my dirt
and say, “Look at how shiny and smooth!”

Now I no longer flow with the river.
I am tucked in their garden all year.
I shine in spring showers,
a gem among flowers.
So happy my journey led here!

5 thoughts on “Spring Fling Writing Contest

  1. This is a clever approach to a Spring poem that promotes STEM themes through the changes in nature such as the weathering of rocks.”Plop”, “Swish”, and “Blub” are such wonderful sound words to diversify language for children. You were able to bring a rock to life and infuse it with personality. Great job!


  2. It’s so interesting how water can make the colors in stones pop. As I was walking on the Washington beach, I could not help myself but to fill my mittens with beautiful stones. Upon drying, they look dull until I cover them with water again. Each one has its own unique color and design. I’m sure you know of the Wrigley Mansion on the AZ Biltmore property. There used to be a stream that flowed near the base years ago that we would play in! Thanks for the memories!


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