Hello there! I’m Daniella. Growing up in a family of teachers and artists, I experimented with all kinds of art forms including: painting, singing, musical theater, piano, and writing. I was even in a high school garage band (how I met my husband). Ultimately, my love of books prevailed and I found my niche as the family wordster. My journey began with poetry which later evolved into whimsical short stories for children. I kept them mostly to myself, but my interest in writing drove key decisions about my future.

Before writing for little kids, I was a teacher of big ones. I received an educator scholarship and earned my B.A. in Secondary Education and English from the University of Arizona. I taught high school English for several years until my own kiddos came onto the scene. I then shifted into full-time mommy mode and dove joyfully back into my kid lit. loving roots.

Now a mom of two kind-hearted, highly exploratory boys, I am surrounded by snips, snails, and a puppy dog tail (a maltipoo named Fitz). Thanks to my family’s curious curiosity, I am never short on story inspiration. In late 2021, I felt it was time to finally put it all together, rejoin a learning community, and pursue a life-long dream of writing children’s literature.