October Pumpkin

Entry for the 2022 Fall Writing Frenzy Contest hosted by Kaitlyn Sanchez and Lydia Lukidis.

The Challenge: Write a piece (in 200 words or less) inspired by one of the fourteen fall-themed pictures provided by the contest hosts.

Credit: Selina Wing for Bing

Credit:: karlamunster (tenor.com)

Credit: Dan Barham (youtube.com)

By Daniella Kaufman
WC: 169

A pumpkin perched upon a porch
presents a flashy grin,
illuminating doors to draw
the trick-or-treaters in.

As they arrive, its gleaming eyes
invite each one in sight
to laugh and shriek and play pretend
as creatures of the night.

But when the dawn ignites the dark
and daylight shines again,
October pumpkin’s job is done.
What happens to it then?

Will it become a critter’s snack?
Or shrivel up and shrink?
November’s here! It disappears. . .
Or so the children think.

When stars begin to leave the sky,
the pumpkin leaves its post.
It tumbles down the street as if
directed by a ghost.

More pumpkins join from near and far
to find a secret place.
They pack and stack and pose in rows
so each can show its face.

Then, one by one, they take a turn
to share what they have seen –
“A skeleton that plays guitar!”
“An icy, winter queen!”

As stories flow, the pumpkins glow
with everlasting light,
so memories of Halloween
continue burning bright.

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