DESERT by Spring

Entry for Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez and Ciara O’Neal’s 2023 Spring Fling Writing Contest.

March and April are beautiful months in Arizona. My family loves to visit the Desert Botanical Gardens when the plants are in full bloom and see the softer side of our home state. Spring’s botanical artistry and a blooming cactus gif inspired my entry DESERT by Spring.

DESERT by Spring
by Daniella Kaufman
Word Count: 136

A desert may appear to have
few colors to display—
a mix of ochre, muted sage,
and daubs of boulder gray.

Through Summer, Fall, and Winter’s reign,
it’s rendered with restraint
‘til glossy rain and gentle warmth
empower nature’s paint.

Then Spring’s artistic vision coats
the desert’s subtle scene
with crimson, terra cotta, blush,
and vibrant, lively green.

Spring stipples yellow flower buds
on palo verde trees
and speckles open sky between
with silver wings of bees.

Saguaro arms are overlaid
with blooms in pearly shades.
Magenta fruit on prickly pears
form delicate cascades.

The sand and mountains scintillate
from brushstrokes made in golds
and sunlit droplets plopped atop
the landscape’s hills and folds.

A desert canvas bursts with views
of hues that soon depart.
Still for its season, Spring creates
a vivid work of art!

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