Sweet Swap

Entry for Susanna Leonard Hill’s Annual Halloweensie Writing Contest.

Rules: Must be 100 words or less, have a full plot arc, be appropriate for children 12 and under, and include the words goodies, glow-in-the-dark, and goosebumps.

By Daniella Kaufman
Word Count: 99

Jo dumped her Halloween haul on the floor.
Watched glistening goodies scatter galore.
Some treats she loved, but lots were a flop.
Jo declared, “More to bring to the family sweet swap!”

Grouped and displayed in piles neatly made,
she and her brother barter treats for trade.
“Give you an eyeball for candy corn bark?”
“That costs two,” brother said. “Wrapper’s glow-in-the-dark.”

Could Jo give him two? Yes! She had lots!
She scooped up the bark. Tossed him her whole box.
With goosebumps, Jo marveled at her new stash.
Her favorite treats saved from a fate in the trash.

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